Why eSIM Go?

Roaming remains a big problem for many, including your customers, as mobile operators profits continue to rise.

eSIM technology has made solving this problem easy.

eSIM Go provides API-driven access to cost effective mobile services in more than 100 countries worldwide.

We partner with travel service providers to build and enable eSIM web and mobile applications so they can offer consumers and business travellers commercially viable mobile data services, saving them time and money when they roam.


We don’t compete with our partners at a consumer level


Partnerships with over 30 connectivity suppliers worldwide


GSMA-approved infrastructure that you, and your customers can trust


Modern co-development business approach

What’s an eSIM?

eSIM is the technological replacement for physical SIM cards. Since 2018, the majority of Apple, Samsung and Google mobiles and tablets have been manufactured with eSIM (embedded SIM) as standard. Over the next decade, plastic SIM cards will disappear for consumer devices.

In practice this means no more plastic SIM cards getting lost or damaged. No more jamming paper clips or stickers into the side of a €1,000 phone.

eSIMs are easily provisioned over the air, either by scanning a QR code, selecting a data plan manually in mobile data settings, or clicking a link.

Our Tech Stack

We provide everything needed for eSIM solutions. Our services can be taken in any combination, from connectivity through to full iOS and Android eSIM application and everything else in-between.

Complementing this is the eSIM Go Portal – enabling full commercial and technical management of your eSIM estate – and our complete API set including SDK to support easy integration into your own app.

Our API, your business

Your eSIM product offering with eSIM Go