29 Sep 2022 | Author: Adam Boother

Case Study | ZIM Connections

How eSIM Go helped ZIM build an eSIM marketplace for travellers

eSIM Go enables companies like Zim to deliver better connectivity

Zim is an eSIM marketplace where customers can browse and purchase affordable eSIM data plans from over 120 countries. Its founders Irina Gheorghiu and Guilia Acchoni-Mena created the company based on their own experiences with international connectivity. 

After a ten-hour flight to Malaysia, the first thing they wanted to do was contact their families to let them know they’d arrived safely. With no Wi-FI to connect to, their only option was to find the nearest phone shop and join the queue for a local SIM. This frustrating experience  got them thinking there must be a better way – so Zim was established in November 2020 with the aim of solving international travellers’ data problems. 

eSIM Go’s mission is to enable companies like Zim to deliver better connectivity solutions to their customers. Zim and eSIM Go’s partnership began in 2021, with the goal of easing customer transition from physical SIM cards to digital eSIMs.

eSIM Go provides everything needed to create eSIM products and services, explains Zacchary: “From connectivity, platform and APIs through to full eSIM applications – our services draw upon tier-1 technology infrastructure and global coverage in over 130 destinations.”

The result is a highly reliable platform that allows Zim to innovate and grow its eSIM offering to customers worldwide. With eSIM Go bringing the all-important behind the scenes knowhow, Zim customers can enjoy the best quality eSIM experience.

“The watchword is simplicity; making it easy for Zim to tailor the perfect customer offers that customers find super-easy to consume,” adds Couldrick. “We’re able to do that through the eSIM Go Portal – which gives Zim complete control over their eSIM estate – and our complete API set that adds all the eSIM Go value into the Zim proposition.” 


Flexibility, simplicity and freedom as standard

According to its own customers, Zim’s ease of use and breadth of choice are just two of the advantages for those who seek reliable, cost-effective mobile data connectivity while travelling. Take Jonny Ward, a travel blogger and social media influencer who has visited every country in the world. As an early adopter of eSIM services around the globe, Jonny’s experience of Zim’s offering in particular has been extremely positive:

“I have tried almost all the eSIMs out there and I believe that Zim is the best one available right now. I stumbled upon their website while I was planning a trip and was immediately impressed by the number of countries and plans they provide. Purchasing and installing an eSIM through the Zim app is an extremely easy process.”  


Strong partnership creating mutual value

The partnership between Zim and eSIM Go has brought significant benefits to all parties; enabling Zim to accelerate development of complete eSIM propositions, and challenging eSIM Go to evolve and expand its technical capabilities.  

Zacchary Couldrick, CEO at eSIM Go: “Zim wants the very best for its customers and this drives us to refine our approach for maximum flexibility and simplicity. This is a fast-moving domain and we are committed to continually developing and improving upon our tech stack to capitalise on new opportunities like 5G and multi-network coverage. That way partners like Zim and their customers benefit from a future-proofed eSIM solution.”

Irina Gheorghiu, CEO, Zim Connections: “Partnering with eSIM Go has allowed us access to even more global networks, broadening our offer and reaching out to more customers. It’s been a genuinely fulfilling business experience. We developed a significant commercial synergy from day one, going beyond the standard provider-customer relationship. Together, we’re making buying a SIM card upon arrival at a new destination a thing of the past.”

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