15 May 2023 | Author: Gaia Paulucci Couldrick

Wizz Air taps into roaming mobile data opportunities with eSIM Go

Wizz Air is one of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe with a fleet of over 180 aircraft and close to 1000 routes connecting central and eastern European cities to destinations across the region and Middle East. Known to spot new ‘gap in the market’ opportunities, Wizz continues to innovate and collaborate with expert partners, including the release of their newest consumer eSIM offering, powered by the experts at eSIM Go.

Unlocking eSIM mobile data ancillary revenues

Wizz is adept at recognising new market opportunities early. As with other ancillary offers in its portfolio, from baggage options to car hire, hotels and in-flight refreshments, the key starting point is what the customer wants.

“We’re always looking for ways to provide more value to customers, while keeping costs low for them,” explained James Goodwin, Head of Ancillary Revenue at WIZZ. “Roaming is still a significant challenge outside of the EU with soaring costs, so we saw a significant potential in offering mobile data packages. And with a critical mass of travellers now owning eSIM-enabled phones, travellers rightfully demand a far easier, more reliable and digital way of accessing mobile data than traditional SIM cards.”


Picking the perfect partner in eSIM Go

Wizz’s research into eSIM possibilities quickly brought it into the orbit of eSIM Go, a specialist in enabling global eSIM solutions for airlines and OTAs. 

Through eSIM Go’s branded ancillary offering, powered by Breeze, Wizz can now connect customers with cost-effective data packages covering over 160 countries. 

According to James, “Keeping connected is vital to our passengers, so it’s natural that we expand into this area – especially as we already advocate a mobile-based customer experience through our digital app where customers can make and manage their booking, and add services like priority boarding, baggage, insurance and Wizz Flex.”

eSIM Go’s powered by Breeze solution, allows Wizz to offer customers access to hundreds of data eSIM bundles in target destinations in North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and beyond. The product is fully supported 24/7 by Breeze, eSIM Go’s dedicated affiliate division.

“Mobile data from Wizz eSIM, powered by Breeze will allow our customers to stay connected, quickly and easily through our smooth digital journey, while avoiding expensive roaming charges,” said Dora Farkas, Wizz Product Portfolio Manager. “eSIM Go’s business solution allows us to serve passengers with competitive data packages, as well as catering to the growing demand of data access wherever they travel.”

“The key aim across WIZZ Air is to connect our customers with the best rates and services when travelling, and we take pride in always staying one step ahead of the curve.”

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