28 Feb 2023 | Author: Harriet Gibbs

Case Study | MobiMatter

eSIM Go partnered with MobiMatter’s global eSIM marketplace thanks to instant API integration.

MobiMatter is the fast-growing global eSIM marketplace serving the mobile data needs of international travellers heading to destinations around the world. The company has amassed partnerships with leading eSIM providers and telecom operators to maximise consumer choice – offering the latest eSIM deals via its e-commerce platform and mobile app. MobiMatter works both directly with consumers and with resellers and corporations.

eSIM at scale requires high quality partners

Founded in 2019, MobiMatter is the brainchild of Dubai-based entrepreneur, Ibrahim Akinci. A mobile industry expert with experience gained at Etisalat, Zain and management consultants McKinsey. 

One of the main challenges that MobiMatter is solving, is the need to provide a highly flexible and scalable platform that could meet the demands of both its customers and telecommunication partners. This requires the company to have a robust backend system that could handle a large number of requests simultaneously on one hand, and to be as flexible to quickly onboard new partners and products on the other. 

“We saw that customers would want the maximum choice of eSIM deals at the best prices, with no concerns about quality. We love working with partners that could enable this proposition, which often drives us to pass on the best prices, while ensuring quality by having a smooth back-end integration that doesn’t add unnecessary technical overheads.”

Partnership from day one

The introduction between MobiMatter and eSIMGo took place mid 2022. eSIMGo’s product proposition was complimenting MobiMatter’s portfolio which enabled them to introduce better offers for their customers. 

“It was immediately obvious that the eSIM Go team understands the industry inside and out, and with their attention, professionalism, and the fact that they have built a product made to purpose, they have become a major partner for us in a very short period of time!”

Superfast eSIM platform setup

From start to finish, the process of integrating eSIM Go with MobiMatter’s platform took two days. MobiMatter were able to set up an account on the eSIM Go portal, load credit and configure their own API. This pulls all the data about eSIM bundles onto the MobiMatter platform and enables transactions to begin straight away.

“Thanks to the simple and standard API of eSIM Go, and our highly flexible and scalable platform, we completed the integration and testing within just two days. This made eSIM Go by far the easiest integration we have had with any partner.” Itamar Bareket, CTO, MobiMatter.

A new benchmark for eSIM quality

MobiMatter has been able to witness the high quality of the eSIMs being transacted via the sheer absence of technical support tickets. Based on thousands of eSIM bundles per month being transacted, only 0.004% of them attract technical faults. No wonder, then, that eSIM Go-supplied bundles invariably feature the ‘TOP RATED’ and ‘BEST QUALITY’ tags in the MobiMatter marketplace.

This remarkable benchmark is not the case with all eSIM providers, however, as MobiMatter itself has experienced. In fact it has needed to deselect some partners because the lower technical quality of their eSIM products were not up to par with the quality standards MobiMatter sets.

“With eSIM Go it’s been nothing short of a perfect partnership so far! The professionalism, responsiveness and proactiveness of the eSIMGo team are a particular highlight, resulting in commercial success with lesser operational burden. This has lowered the cost of our customer management and acquisition. And, combined with the comprehensive worldwide coverage of eSIM Go, this has enhanced our proposition as a one-stop shop for high quality eSIM choices for people traveling anywhere in the world.”

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