Which of the following is most important to you?

Expend the lowest time/effort to offer eSIMs to customers


Create an eSIM revenue stream associated with your brand


Embed eSIM offers within my digital product and overall customer experience

How important is it that eSIM offers carry your own brand?

Not important, don't need to have the solutions branded


Important, but a co-branded solution is fine


Very important, and the solution must be wholly branded as my own

Do you have any software development expertise at your disposal?

None whatsoever


Not really, but it's potentially something we can access in the medium to long term



What are your current and aspirational sales/customer goals for eSIM?

Converting interest in data roaming from my customers/followers


Adding eSIM to my digital proposition to stay connected with customers and increase loyalty


Leveraging eSIM as a core part of our product to add value and differentiate

Thank you for completing the eSIM Go challenge.
Here are your responses:
  • Mostly As

    If you answered mostly As, Breeze might be the best approach for you.

    Breeze is our affiliate program giving you near-instant access to a worldwide travel eSIM platform earning up to 20% commission right away.

    Becoming a Breeze affiliate is devastatingly simple to set up and we take care of everything on the customer and service delivery side - you only need to drive traffic to your unique Breeze affiliate links.

    And because Breeze is an established eSIM brand, you needn't worry about coming up with a new one. Simply share your unique affiliate link with your followers, and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Mostly Bs

    If you answered mostly Bs, you could be better suited to Powered by Breeze.

    This allows you to co-brand the whole Breeze experience and stay closer to how customers use and engage with their eSIM data bundles as part of your overall customer journeys.

    Setting up with a Powered by Breeze solution requires some customization, but we'll guide you through this and the process is measured in days rather than months.

  • Mostly Cs

    If you answered mostly Cs, it's worth taking a closer look at our API model.

    It's for businesses that want to embed our eSIM capabilities into their own products and services.

    But just because it's the most technically involved of the three won't slow down your venture. Some of our API customers have gone live within 48 hours.

    Harness our API suite and the fully documented resources we provide to take control of our wholesale eSIM offering via eSIM Go's management portal. Set your own prices, manage your own customers and develop your eSIM business utilizing eSIM Go's connectivity.

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