Delivering an affordable mobile roaming solution for international travelers from Sydney Airport

With support from eSIM Go, tripsim by SYD has enabled Sydney Airport to deliver a more enhanced customer experience by harnessing sustainability technology, while creating a new revenue stream for the airport.

eSIM is a game-changer for ancillary revenue.

Now airports, airlines, OTAs and other brands can access the multi-billion dollar market for mobile data plans – offering seamless access to their existing customer base.

Every traveler wants to stay connected, but eSIM is more than just a revenue generator. Every eSIM sold is an opportunity to deepen brand loyalty, tailor personalized offers and cross-sell your whole portfolio.

Customer champion

Right the wrongs of international roaming

Goodbye roaming pain. Hello roaming pleasure.

Our range of eSIMs enablement products empower trusted travel brands to give customers cost-effective and convenient roaming access without the pain of international roaming charges – tailoring offers to passenger destinations and itineraries.

We can embed this capability into your branded apps and existing digital journeys, or enable lighter-touch entry into the global eSIM ecosystem.

Each option is easy and flexible, with scope to evolve at your own pace with no penalty.

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Extensive 5G and multi-network coverage

150+ countries

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Commercial model flexibility

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