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Empower your business with Breeze eSIM

Breeze is eSIM Go’s self sign-up and self-service affiliate platform, empowering businesses all over the world to harness the unstoppable power of eSIM. 

Developed in partnership with Shopify, Up Promote and Zendesk, Breeze slots seamlessly into our partners’ existing customer journeys, enabling them to launch their own eSIM service in a matter of hours. 

The Breeze platform comes fully-loaded with connectivity covering over 150 countries worldwide, more than 35 hand selected tier-1 mobile operator partnerships and access to over 400+ networks.

What's the opportunity?

eSIM is one of the most exciting technological advancements of recent years, with a total serviceable market that’s predicted to reach £34.2 billion by 2025. 

Today’s consumers expect reliable data wherever they go, and with Breeze you can give them the best possible connectivity experience, whilst propelling your company’s innovation and commercial growth. 

Why Breeze?

  • Only tier-1 mobile operators, for unrivalled connectivity
  • Multiple networks in 150+ countries
  • No steering or data throttling
  • 5G coverage from 97 networks across 50 countries (and counting)
  • Auto APN, so no need for manual APN configuration 
  • Slots seamlessly into your existing customer journey for increased loyalty and invaluable data insights

To find  out more about what Breeze can do for your business, visit Breeze eSIM today, or contact our expert eSIM Go team. 

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