Indulge in new unlimited bundles

All-inclusive deals are eternally popular with travelers. The freedom to consume as much as they like without having to worry about additional costs is always a big win, and having a smorgasbord of delights presented to them removes the need to think too much – which is what trips abroad should be all about!

Now eSIM Go’s partners are able to add all-you-can-eat data to the menu, with the launch of our new unlimited data bundles.

eSIM Go partners can now empower end users to use the internet as much as they like without having to worry about running out of data, which is great news for customers who rely heavily on their devices for work or leisure. Now they can stream videos, play online games and use other data-intensive applications without monitoring their usage or needing to top-up.

Unlimited plans are a cost-effective choice for heavy data users, but rare in the eSIM market. As champions of fairness and simplicity, this is another seismic shift for our industry and further establishes eSIM Go as a partner who is always prepared to go the extra mile.

Unlimited highlights

Customers can choose unlimited data bundles for 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 30 days where available, offering more choice and value than ever.

For those who prefer to top up, our existing bundles are still available, including the newly released 2GB and 50GB options.

Get in touch to discuss how our all you can eat data bundles can add value and build loyalty like never before.