eSIM Go launches global travel eSIM service in partnership with SWISS

The airline’s successful SWISS Powered by Breeze service offers passengers convenient, affordable mobile data plans to use when traveling to 150+ countries.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), Switzerland’s largest air carrier, has introduced a new global travel eSIM service in collaboration with eSIM Go, aimed at providing passengers with convenient and affordable mobile data connectivity during their travels. The SWISS eSIM Powered by Breeze service allows passengers to stay connected in over 150 countries without worrying about expensive data roaming fees.

“We're pleased with the positive response to our new product offering, underscoring LHG’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience for our customers. Through our partnership with eSIM Go, SWISS aims to provide guests with a seamless and hassle-free solution for staying connected while abroad.”

Johann-Philipp Bruns

Vice President Ancillary, Partner and Retail Lufthansa Group

SWISS eSIM, Powered by Breeze, utilizes eSIM Go’s digital mobile ecosystem to provide travelers with a range of data bundle options based on 1,000 Tier 1 mobile networks worldwide, including 250 5G networks for ultra-fast speeds This unparalleled coverage ensures SWISS passengers enjoy reliable data connectivity options tailored to their individual needs.

“The SWISS eSIM Powered by Breeze service is a great example of a leading airline prepared to act upon a bold vision and execute it without compromise. The strong demand and impressive repeat purchase rates so far demonstrate the immense value this service provides to SWISS customers.”

Mitch Fordham

CRO and Co-Founder at eSIM Go