Bitrefill launches a new branded eSIM offering, in partnership with eSIM Go

Founded in 2014, the Stockholm based website and e-commerce platform is the number one option for cryptocurrency e-commerce, connecting customers to over 1,650 businesses around the world.

Users can securely pay for a vast range of goods and services, and top up their mobile phones using Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Now with Bitrefill’s latest offering, launching on 8th August 2023, they can also purchase eSIMs and enjoy affordable, reliable and secure data in over 150 countries.

Bitrefill has been leading the charge of crypto adoption for almost a decade. By tapping into the eSIM market, the company is continuing its mission to bring game-changing technologies to its customers.

The eSIM industry is seeing huge growth, with the US driving the trend for a faster, easier and greener way to consume data. For Bitrefill, the move to eSIM was a natural progression.

“Like crypto enthusiasts, early adopters of eSIMs tend to be dynamic, digital nomads who often live outside of the traditional system, so it made perfect sense. We connected with eSIM Go at just the right time. They’re very knowledgeable and experienced, and the whole process has been easy and headache free. The API is simple and secure, and because we already offer a mobile refill service, we could easily adapt our customer flow for a fast, seamless integration.”

Lawrence Ray

Business Development Specialist at Bitrefill

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