Wondering if eSIM is right for your business? Here’s some inspiration.

eSIM technology is changing the way people communicate, and all kinds of businesses are getting on board. Here are 9 kinds of organizations we encounter at eSIM Go every day and who are winning with our easy eSIM solutions.

1. Global B2C travel eSIM stores

Global travel eSIM stores like MobiMatter and easySim.global serve the mobile data needs of individual travelers by providing them a choice of deals for their next vacation or trip. They can seamlessly integrate with our API very quickly (just 48 hours from meeting eSIM Go to selling our eSIMs in the case of MobiMatter), empowering them to:

  • Meet the evolving needs of consumers
  • Provide the best choice and flexibility
  • Minimize customer management and acquisition costs
  • Quickly onboard new products
  • Innovate quickly and safely
2. Mobile network operators

We’re delivering eSIM solutions for MNOs to satisfy a range of use cases. Despite being mobile experts themselves, MNOs find it easier to partner with a specialist like eSIM Go to get to market quickly with a robust solution. We’re also helping address the need among net roaming receivers like Emtel in Mauritius, the very first MNO in the world to build a travel eSIM service to complement its traditional international roaming offering. Whatever the use case, partnering with eSIM Go enables MNOs to:

  • Innovate quickly, overcoming barriers to new tech adoption
  • Develop compelling new business models
  • Provide customers with more choice, boost loyalty and retention
  • Protect market share and differentiate against local MNO competitors
3. VPN service providers

There are many types of digital service providers out there, delivering value to the online consumer experience, and we work with many of them. For instance, VPN service providers specialize in securing access to the internet while abroad. Adding travel eSIMs to their mix of service offerings is a logical progression, allowing them to:

  • Diversify into new revenue opportunities quickly and easily
  • Remain hyper-relevant to the needs of tech-savvy digital nomads
  • Facilitate cellular access, which is more secure than public Wi-Fi services
  • Offer the best possible choice and freedom to roam
4. Cryptocurrency marketplaces

More consumers want to make purchases with crypto, fuelling the emergence of numerous marketplaces that specialize in transacting digital products and services. Bitrefill, the world’s number one crypto e-commerce platform, works with eSIM Go to supply its highly mobile, tech-native customers with mobile data plans to everywhere. Working with eSIM Go equips them and others like them to:

  • Offer a range of must-have digital mobile solutions to their tech savvy customer base
  • Maximize margin by ensuring a high quality customer experience
  • Provide a truly global product choice into 190+ countries
5. Prepaid digital product distributors

We work with distributors of prepaid digital products to supplement their existing B2B portfolios of e-gift cards, gaming, utility payments and airtime packages with travel eSIM solutions. By adding eSIMs to the offering, we support distributors to:

  • Empower business customers to add even more value to consumers
  • Add compelling products to their existing catalog quickly and easily
  • Create new revenue streams with no upfront costs
6. Niche demographic specialists

Digital entrepreneurs have been creating niche demographic apps, services and online communities for years, and we’re working with both established and start-up players in this incredibly diverse market. By adding their own eSIM offering based on the eSIM Go API, these companies reinforce their strong brand with users by directly facilitating:

  • Secure access to online banking services
  • Real-time updates on social events, offers and travel schemes
  • High quality data at the best possible prices
  • An easy way to connect with friends and family back home
7. Travel eSIM marketplaces targeting B2B

It’s true that travel eSIMs are consumer products that help individuals stay connected abroad. But B2C isn’t the only model – we’re seeing a good deal more traction among our partners for B2B eSIM propositions that drive demand from SMEs and large organizations to satisfy their mobile data needs associated with business travel and remote workforces. Partners like ZIM Connections are becoming very successful in this area, building out a B2B business alongside their core B2C offering. Partnering with us helps them to:

  • Provide a vast choice of data plans, including Unlimited bundles
  • Position customized bundles tailored to large corporate customers
  • Generate usage data easily for corporate reporting via our eSIM management portal
8. Physical prepay distributors

While prepaid digital product distributors have operational models that make them easily accustomed to eSIMs, we’ve also hooked up with distributors of physical prepay products, as a catalyst for their digital evolution. Partnering with eSIM Go has allowed them to:

  • Extend their traditional SIM-based category for international travelers into digital formats
  • Make their business customers more relevant to key demographics
  • Provide end customers with more choice
  • Create a new revenue stream with no logistical costs
9. Travel app developers and tour operators

Leisure travelers are increasingly reliant upon apps and AI to build itineraries, navigate new surroundings and choose what to do next. The popularity of digital tour guides is assured thanks to the addition of recommended eSIM products alongside advice and suggestions for the best street food, beaches, local markets and events. eSIM Go works with these kinds of organizations to help them:

  • Save customers huge amounts of money compared to traditional data roaming
  • Empower travelers to make quick decisions on the go, without having to find a Wi-Fi connection
  • Deliver personalized offers and information in real time

This is just the tip of the iceberg – thousands of businesses, from a diverse range of sectors, are gaining new customer insights, increasing loyalty and adding new revenue streams through the power of eSIM. Get in touch to find out how it can work for yours.