Why mobile data plans and customer loyalty programs are made for each other

Loyalty programs are a proven tactic in customer engagement best practice. While they give the appearance of being generous and benevolent, they are precisely calibrated to extract value. Customers get rewarded and in exchange the brand achieves loyalty (and vice versa).

However, as consumer expectations shift, traditional loyalty schemes are falling short. Enter the innovative use of eSIM mobile data plans, a game-changer in the realm of customer loyalty programs – offering a more immediate, personalized, and meaningful kind of reward plus much more besides. This blog explores 4 leading use cases for how integrating eSIM mobile data plans can rejuvenate loyalty schemes, making them more appealing and beneficial for today's tech-savvy consumers.

1. Mobile data as an instant reward for creating an account

Consumer brands, from low-cost airlines and online travel agencies (OTAs) to neobanks and comparison sites, are constantly seeking ways to encourage customers to create accounts. The challenge lies in providing a compelling reason for customers to take this step – a point of relevance and something the consumer actually wants or needs. Offering eSIMs as an instant reward for joining a loyalty scheme or creating an account accomplishes this.

This approach not only incentivizes sign-ups but also enhances the customer experience by providing immediate value. Most people travel, so a free travel eSIM that won’t expire for 1 year will come in handy. Imagine landing in a new country and having instant connectivity without the hassle of purchasing a local SIM card. This convenience can significantly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty from the get-go.

2. Mobile data plans in exchange for redeeming loyalty scheme points

A common issue with loyalty programs is the accumulation of unspent points, often due to the high redemption threshold for meaningful rewards. eSIMs offer a practical solution by allowing travel and other brands to offer smaller, more attainable rewards.

For instance, redeeming loyalty points for an eSIM data plan can be a cost-effective option for both the customer and the brand. This approach not only encourages more frequent redemption but also helps reduce the financial liability associated with unspent loyalty points on the brand's balance sheet. By making loyalty points more versatile and valuable, eSIMs can transform the way customers perceive and engage with loyalty programs.

3. Travel eSIMs as graduated perks in tiered reward schemes

Tiered and VIP loyalty programs are designed to reward frequent customers with exclusive benefits. Incorporating travel eSIMs into these programs can significantly enhance their appeal, and can be sized according to the commitment level and perceived value of each program tier.

Offering free or discounted eSIM data plans as part of a membership package adds a highly personalized touch, especially when the eSIM plans are tailored to the customer's purchasing or travel patterns. This level of personalization not only strengthens the customer-brand relationship but also reinforces the value (in the customer’s mind) of maintaining a higher tier status within the loyalty program.

4. eSIM as a data insights vehicle for enhanced personalization

The strategic use of eSIMs can also provide travel and other brands with valuable data insights, enabling them to tailor loyalty rewards and product offerings more effectively.

By analyzing eSIM usage patterns, brands can gain a deeper understanding of their customers' travel behaviors, preferences, and needs. This information can be leveraged to create more personalized and relevant loyalty rewards, enhancing the overall customer experience. Furthermore, eSIMs can facilitate in-destination engagement, allowing brands to offer timely and contextual rewards that enhance the travel experience.

Mobile data and loyalty programs – a match made in heaven

The integration of digitally-delivered (i.e. eSIM) mobile data plans into customer loyalty programs represents a forward-thinking approach to customer engagement. By offering instant connectivity, more attainable rewards, personalized perks, and valuable data insights, eSIMs can significantly enhance the appeal and effectiveness of loyalty schemes. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, embracing innovative eSIM solutions will be key to creating loyalty programs that truly stand out and resonate with modern consumers.

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