Meet the team: Claire Connor

Get to know our CMO Claire Connor

What was your background before joining eSIM Go?

I studied Journalism at University before taking on my first role as a copywriter for a digital marketing agency. I built a successful business as a freelance copywriter, before moving into in-house marketing roles across a range of industries from renewal energy to SaaS in the property industry, before eventually moving to Zoopla Property Group. focusing on B2B marketing. I then became a group marketing manager in the automotive industry before moving to Epik 8 to head up the marketing function. This was where I was introduced to eSIM Go, kicking off their marketing activity before entering into the fold full-time.

How would you describe the culture of the company?

It’s an exciting place to be and we’re moving really fast, but there’s still a strong sense of community and friendship throughout the organisation. It’s built on a culture of trust and mutual respect, and everyone is given the freedom and opportunity to achieve their potential.

When did you first discover eSIM technology?

Early 2022, when I began working with eSIM Go on their launch. It was clear that this was an exciting technology that was going to go big very quickly.

What’s your role at eSIM Go?

I lead the marketing function, which sits very comfortably with the rest of the business and involves lots of collaboration with other departments. The beauty of marketing is that no two days are ever the same. We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and be as creative and experimental as we can. Our work is based on asking important questions about what end users want and what our partners want to see, and we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. When we get to see the end results it’s a really beautiful thing.

Where do you see eSIM Go five years from now?

eSIM is rapidly evolving and it’s definitely going to be part of everyone’s everyday language - not just those who are ahead of the curve. It’s changing the way the telco industry works, how people travel, and very soon people will be having different conversations about how they use their phones. eSIM gives people much more choice which means the whole idea of brand loyalty will change. All this opens up the door for smaller companies who prioritise customer experience, and everyone will be able to have the chance to get involved. eSIM Go is always at the forefront of this new shift and we’ve got some big things planned for the coming years.

What do you do outside of work?

I have a young family which keeps me very busy. I’ve also got a lifelong passion for highland dancing, which I teach in my spare time, and I’m passionate about all kinds of dance. My children are also in dance groups and we travel around for lots of shows in the evenings and at weekends.