How makes eSIMs easy for everyone, everywhere is part of the easy Group family of brands focused on bringing the simplicity of eSIM data bundles to the mass market. As a new proposition, the business wished to launch with the strongest possible experience for its customers. Its decision to partner with eSIM Go ensures access to the best value-for-money eSIM data bundle offers worldwide and a multitude of other commercial benefits.

Delivering on the ‘easy’ brand promise

The strong and distinctive ‘easy’ brand is synonymous with great value, relentless innovation and making life simple for everyday consumers. So it was critically important for the team to choose an eSIM partner capable of supporting this vision.

Jim Guest, Co-Founder at “See the world through a consumer’s eyes and the whole eSIM opportunity is all about speed and ease of use. All consumers, and especially travel passengers, want eSIMs on their terms – great choice, great value and reliable service with the minimum effort required during purchase and usage. We undertook a global search for the ultimate eSIM partner and found that eSIM Go was best equipped to support our mission.”

Fast, robust API integration melds the app with eSIM Go’s eSIM platform has gone to market with a UX-optimised e-commerce platform and mobile app that makes browsing and buying eSIMs a walk in the park. But it’s the seamless API integration between the system and eSIM Go’s platform where the magic really happens. This enables the eSIM store to be populated with all the latest eSIM data bundle deals which, once purchased, eSIM Go handle all aspects of delivering, activating and supporting them.

“eSIM Go brings a very ‘can-do’ attitude to the party and we were immediately impressed by their upfront support and willingness to get onboard with the project,” added Jim Guest “We were confident that the whole technical side would be taken care of, allowing us to focus more on the commercial opportunities, and that’s proven to be the case. The API integration itself was very straightforward and we’ve been able to harness some of the unique features of the eSIM platform like inbound SMS and eSIM Go’s ‘open skies’ commitment to no network steering.”

Supporting multiple networks, worldwide scope and sustainable hyper-growth

A prime target for is people travelling for leisure and/or business who want to avoid the high roaming costs levied by their home mobile provider when going to certain destinations. Key to maximising the addressable market is not just widespread global coverage, but also high quality connectivity from recognised tier-1 operators.

“eSIM Go has 4G/5G coverage in over 150 countries with all the major territories covered. They also have multiple networks for the most popular destinations, which enables customers to jump from one to another if they’re ever in danger of losing signal. And because of their ‘no network steering policy’, all networks are treated equally which empowers our customers to choose whichever is best for them rather than being arbitrarily routed onto an inferior service.”

The eSIM Go platform also supports inbound SMS, which allows to notify and prompt customers to top-up when data usage reaches certain thresholds, or when usage is below 1% and the user might mistakenly have forgotten to switch on data roaming (thereby averting an unnecessary support ticket).