10 diverse types of business that are winning with eSIM Go

As eSIM adoption soars - propelled by Apple’s release of more eSIM-only devices — there’s never been a better time to get on board. Discover ten types of business that are reaping the benefits of this new era of connectivity.

1 Airports

Airports serve millions of passengers every year but collect little of the data needed to understand them and build lasting relationships. By partnering with eSIM Go, brands like Sydney Airport have been able to:

  • Gain invaluable passenger insights
  • Stay connected with passengers before, during and after their journeys
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Build trust by communicating key information
  • Supercharge revenue through cross-selling and upselling
  • Gain global recognition as customer-first innovators
2 Airlines

eSIM technology empowers airlines to launch an attractive new ancillary service that gives customers what they’ve been crying out for – seamless travel connectivity without huge roaming fees. Partners like Wizz Air, Icelandair, SWISS, Lufthansa Group and more are redefining the potential of ancillary services by:

  • Connecting the customer journey through multiple touchpoints
  • Delighting passengers by saving them money and enhancing their experiences
  • Growing customer loyalty and getting to know them better
  • Using eSIM as rewards for frequent fliers
  • Innovating, even without in-house development resources
  • Keeping passengers up to date with news and offers through in-destination connectivity
3 OTAs

OTAs provide travelers with a one-stop shop for all their travel needs. It’s a highly competitive marketplace which makes customer retention a major challenge, but adding eSIM into the mix is a game-changing differentiator. Partners like Sherpa and Holiday Extras are seeing huge benefits since coming on board, like:

  • Giving passengers a solution to expensive international data roaming
  • Connecting customers with the best quality data in over 190 countries
  • Keeping conversations flowing with passengers in-destination and after their trips
  • Leveraging eSIMs as loyalty perks
  • Satisfying the demand for highly personalized offers and communications
4 eSIM Resellers

The eSIM market is evolving constantly. By joining forces with eSIM Go, partners like MobiMatter, ZIM and easySim.global have been able to sprint ahead of the competition in this increasingly crowded marketplace by:

  • Maximizing customer satisfaction and obtaining excellent TrustPilot scores
  • Seamlessly integrating eSIM into their customer journey/UX
  • Giving customers a broad range of data bundles, including unlimited, packaged by country and/or region
  • Offering the most competitive rates on the market
  • Guaranteeing the highest quality coverage
5 MNO (Mobile Network Operators)

While MNOs own the infrastructure needed to provide their own connectivity services, they’re usually locked into agreements that make it impossible for them to offer competitive data roaming. It’s also an industry that’s slow to innovate, with numerous barriers to new technology adoption. By offering eSIM in partnership with eSIM Go they can now:

  • Increase net revenue without adding to in-house costs
  • Launch compelling new offerings that would otherwise remain on the drawing board
  • Be seen as innovators in the industry
  • Boost loyalty and retention by giving customers more choice and better value
  • Prevent customer churn and provide a great experience
  • Offer roaming options at unbeatable market rates while maintaining margins on inbound roamers
6 Fintech

In the fast paced world of fintech, connectivity is key. Up to three quarters of under 35s prioritize mobile-first banking experiences, so leveraging the right cellular connections is critical. Mobile data is a logical way to stay relevant with customers and add value to their experience, especially with those who like to travel. Partners like Western Union are using eSIM to:

  • Create a new revenue stream by solving customers’ international roaming problems
  • Keep customers connected to banking apps more securely while traveling, without having to worry about public WiFi
  • Deliver real-time personalized offers
  • Enable customers to send money to and communicate with loved ones
  • Generate brand trust
  • Find new ways to innovate without adding to in-house development resources
7 Comparison sites

Consumers rely on comparison sites to compare prices, features and reviews on different products and services. It’s a highly competitive marketplace that requires sites to constantly innovate and offer the best possible deals in order to retain customers. Comparison sites like Uswitch and confused.com are leveraging eSIM technology to:

  • Build trust by proving they really are consumer champions
  • Discover a new conversion tool for travel insurance by offering free eSIMs
  • Go to market fast with the latest innovations
  • Elevate their brands with something different
  • Drive more traffic to their sites
  • Tap into new markets by appealing to consumers who travel
  • Leverage a new conversion tool for products by giving new customers a free eSIM

Mobile Virtual Network Operators sell their own branded mobile services, but instead of owning the radio network, they lease access from a MNO at wholesale rates. It’s a competitive marketplace which is highly susceptible to customer churn, and because their rates are set by MNOs they’re unable to offer competitive data roaming in many places. By providing access to a vast range of networks, removing the barriers to technology adoption and enabling multiple business models, eSIM GO is helping MVNOs:

  • Gain control of their pricing strategies for the first time
  • Develop a competitive market difference that helps them stand out from the competition
  • Keep subscribers happy and become their champions
  • Innovate without having to rely on MNOs
9 Enterprises

Anyone with a globetrotting workforce understands that corporate travel is an expensive business. All kinds of businesses are saving money, enhancing communication and keeping team members happy by adding eSIM to their corporate offering. Here’s why:

  • Enables staff to collaborate and communicate while traveling
  • Eliminates high data roaming costs without compromising Tier 1 quality
  • Allows access to confidential documents without having to rely on insecure public WiFi
  • Highly scalable solution with no upfront charges or monthly contracts
10 Induviduals

The beauty of eSIM is that anyone can have a slice of the pie. One of eSIM Go’s longest-standing partners is a baggage handler in Chile, who sells eSIMs when reconnecting passengers with their luggage. We are the only eSIM provider that can enable any kind of business, big or small, to get to market fast with their own eSIM offering. This opens up the playing field for everyone from entrepreneurs to social media influencers to:

  • Tap into a rapidly growing, highly lucrative market
  • Be seen as an innovator, with zero tech knowledge or experience
  • Add a valued service that customers really want
  • Grow their brand with an exciting new proposition

What does all this tell us? The message is loud and clear: eSIM is a highly flexible technology that can benefit any kind of business. End users love it for its flexibility, global connectivity and money saving superpowers, and brands love it for its transformative impact on loyalty and revenue. Want to know more? Explore eSIM Go's solutions and how they can revolutionize your business here.