Case Study | ZIM Connections

How eSIM Go helped ZIM build an eSIM marketplace for travellers

ZIM Connections is a brand new eSIM marketplace where travellers can browse and purchase data plans from over 120 destinations worldwide. ZIM and eSIM Go’s partnership began in 2021, with the goal of easing customer transition from physical SIM cards to digital eSIMs.

“We wanted to create an entirely digital solution with a wide choice of eSIM mobile options that allow travellers worldwide to choose the plan that best suits their needs,”

“Partnering with eSIM Go has allowed us access to even more global networks, broadening our offer and reaching out to more customers. Together, we’ll make buying a SIM card upon arrival at a new destination a thing of the past.”

“eSIM Go’s value proposition resides in the simplicity and high customisation of their data packages, allowing companies like us to tailor the perfect customer offers. Partnering with them has been a genuinely fulfilling business experience. We developed a significant commercial synergy from day one, going beyond the standard provider-customer relationship.”

Irina Gheorghiu, CEO, Zim Connections

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