We know a thing or two about the power of global connectivity.

We exist to give your business the platform to offer eSIM to your customers.

We are a founder-funded telco venture business. Our key mission is to enable companies to deliver better connectivity solutions to telecommunications subscribers (your customers). We do this by putting our focus into disrupting traditional wholesale business models, in order for our partners to deliver rich, commercially viable and digital-first communications services.

eSIM is a revolutionary opportunity in travel and whatever your eSIM business model, we can enable it. It doesn’t matter your size or starting point, eSIM Go provides everything needed to create your own branded eSIM products and services. From connectivity, platform and APIs through to full iOS and Android eSIM application – our services can be taken in any combination.

We are a core team of 20+ FTEs and contractors scaling to more than 60 people across eSIM Go and our strategic partners.

Our Partners



Exonia Consulting

The Product Architects (TPA)

Meet the team

Mitch Fordham image

Mitch Fordham

Zacchary Couldrick image

Zacchary Couldrick

José De Bardi image

José De Bardi

Darren Shaw image

Darren Shaw

Chris Maynard image

Chris Maynard

Max Mason image

Max Mason

Head of Engineering (Koroutine)
Dan Agombar image

Dan Agombar

Head of App Development (Koroutine)
Dominic Cassidy image

Dominic Cassidy

Lead Software Developer (Koroutine)
Ben Sabine image

Ben Sabine

Head of Support
Claire Connor image

Claire Connor

Head of Marketing (Epik8)
Harriet Gibbs image

Harriet Gibbs

Marketing Manager (Epik8)
Jack Tate image

Jack Tate

Business Development Lead
David Evans image

David Evans

Head of Content
Tom Pashley image

Tom Pashley

Head of Design
Carol Topley image

Carol Topley

Head of Finance (Exonia)
Peter Farmer image

Peter Farmer

Director of Legal/Regulatory (Exonia)
Hederik Laloo image

Hederik Laloo

Head of Product Design (TPA)
Helen Covaic-Field image

Helen Covaic-Field

Head of CRM (Epik8)

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